Autosalpa Inarijärvi

Safe incentive full of experiences at the lake Inari – A car dealer enjoyed the landscapes of Lapland in October (16 pax)

Maybe you’ve already been in one of the crowdy ski resorts in Lapland and would like to experience something new in the peaceful wilderness of Lapland?

A Finnish car dealer wanted to offer an incentive for its staff during the time of the demanding covid outbound travel restrictions. They were searching for something unique, but still safe and sustainable. The chosen destination is one of the most stunning nature destinations in Finland, the lake Inari, near the Ivalo airport.  

The guests were accommodated at the Wilderness Hotel Inari’s stylish and private luxury cabins under the Northern Lights. The hotel is inspired by the indigenous, Sámi culture and its restaurant serves delicious Lappish dishes made from local ingredients and has an amazing panorama view of the lake Inari.

Safe incentive full of experiences at the lake Inari.

The chosen activities were an authentic fishing tour with a local wilderness guide, a memorable visit to a husky dog farm, adrenaline-raising e-fatbike excursion, and of course the traditional sauna experiences in the middle of the silence of the wilderness, far from the city fuss.  

One of the dinners was served at the restaurant Aanaar, which was awarded the restaurant of the year 2020. The core of the restaurant is based on the natural ingredients produced from the kitchen’s backyard to the Arctic Ocean. The restaurant doesn’t serve the most traditional Lappish dishes, but its menu is built on surprising gastronomy with traces of Inari’s Sámi heritage.   

One evening was celebrated in the middle of the snowy, enchanting nature, and the dinner was enjoyed in a Lappish tee-pee like hut around an open fire. The coffees were served from wooden, Lappish cups, called kuksa, that had the guests’ names carved on them. What a nice souvenir to take with you! 

Safe incentive full of experiences at the lake Inari.

Ms. Hanna Viljaranta, HR-Manager, Autosalpa

”Everything went smoothly in planning and executing the trip. Our first destination was supposed to be Lago Maggiore in Italy, but it got changed to Ivalo airport. All our possible doubts disappeared the moment we landed to Ivalo! The change of the destination was in our case, a fortunate one since the lake Inari exceeded our expectations and offered us unforgettable Lappish experiences and gave us lovely memories of spending time together during the meals and activities.  

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