a local

Local expertise and strong partner network.

Locating in the destination we are always up to date on what’s going on in the city, and thus, we are able to offer our guests the best Finland can offer. The strong network of local partners and suppliers we have developed over the years guarantees that our customers always have the best possible competence, rates and terms at their use.

When needing last minute’s changes or services, we know where and to whom to call to re-arrange the program. We are here to make sure that our clients and guests can just enjoy their stay and focus on the content, whilst we handle all the fuss.

Who we are

Elämys DMC is a subsidiary of Elämys Group concern. Elämys Group has a strong history as experienced ski and active tour operator in Finland and we are proud to offer you our 25-year experience of exploring the mountains of the world at your service. Combining travel and events is what we do best. Designing cost-efficient quality travel solutions requires specific expertise, deep experience and the right tools. We add innovative and interesting content and activities to create exceptional corporate events for our customers.

It all started..

EG Story


The strongest asset of Elämys DMC is our team. Our experienced and dynamic experts focus on your needs and creates a successful event on their basis. With different backgrounds and continuous education, our expertise and resources span all frontiers in event planning from logistics management, design and production to entertainment and total technical support. There are innovative travel & service designers as well as healthcare event compliant specialists at your service.

We pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction and understanding our customer’s business. We believe in personal service and we always offer a dedicated Project Manager, so you’ll know whom to contact and you’ll have a friendly, familiar face behind the e-mails.

Values & CSR


We believe in growing business via operating in a sustainable and ethical way.

For us at Elämys DMC, working in a transparent and ethical, sustainable way, has always been at the core of our business. We prefer guiding our clients and partners towards sustainable choices and the environment is respected while operating in both office conditions and on projects. We also respect the local habits and cultural heritage of our country and aim to minimize the negative environmental impacts caused by travel and events. Currently, we are in the process of certifying our actions and working to obtain the certificates of Travelife as well as Sustainable Travel Finland.

We appreciate the beautiful nature, clean waters and pure air of Finland, and do our very best to preserve it. At Elämys DMC we can suggest you sustainable and CSR activities from electric snowmobile tours to building bird nests.