Responsible, transparent, and sustainable operations have always been at the core of our business and an important value.

Tourism is one of the largest contributors to environmental stress, so choices throughout the entire travel chain have immense significance for sustainability.

Elämys strives to offer sustainable products to traveling consumers and corporate clients to the best of its ability. In our daily operations, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and encourage our customers and partners to opt for ecological and sustainable choices both in travel and when choosing services at destinations.

In addition to our internal guidelines and customer guidance, Elämys is engaged with both the Sustainable Travel Finland and Travelife programs to develop our operations in line with sustainable principles (business travel).

Internal operations

We are committed to sustainability in our office and internal operations, investing in eco-friendly solutions through various small choices. Our internal sustainability policy outlines areas where each employee can minimize their environmental impact. At Elämys, we promote a paperless office environment, strive to reduce commuting emissions, and actively communicate our dedication to sustainability to both customers and partners.

Sustainable choices in service production

Sustainable choices in service production are crucial in mitigating the environmental impact of tourism, which is among the leading contributors to environmental stress. At Elämys, we strive to select service partners carefully, prioritizing those who can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability or hold certified sustainability certifications.

We collaborate closely with renowned international accommodation booking platforms, such as Expedia and WebBeds, which prioritize sustainability in their own operations and in the hotels they represent. These platforms provide transparency regarding the sustainability efforts of the hotels to the end customer, empowering them to make informed choices. Additionally, we ensure that CO2 emissions from flights are reported to the customer, further enhancing transparency and accountability.

Emission reporting to the customer

Elämys uses the Amadeus GDS system for flight bookings. Amadeus provides the CO2 emissions quantity for flights during the booking process, which is then reported to the customer through their own portal or at agreed intervals (tCO2e).

Amadeus is one of the world’s largest GDS systems and collaborates with the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on CO2 emissions reporting. The CO2 emissions provided by ICAO are standardized and widely accepted in the industry. The system assesses CO2 emissions per passenger per flight route, considering aircraft types and potential layovers.

Moreover, in line with our commitment to sustainability, Elämys offers additional support to customers upon request. Our staff is available to search for low-emission flight routes (subject to hourly rates as outlined in the price list), ensuring that customers have access to environmentally friendly travel options.

Carbon offsetting

Elämys is dedicated to identifying the most suitable carbon offsetting partner for each customer. With numerous compensation models, operators, and destinations available both domestically and internationally, we strive to tailor the offsetting solution to meet the unique needs of each client. The final operational framework is always determined in collaboration with the customer.

Our approach ensures that the emission reporting and offsetting model are customized to align with the preferences and priorities of the customer, guaranteeing a personalized and effective solution for carbon neutrality.

Sustainable tourism certifications: Travelife and Sustainable Travel Finland

Elämys Group successfully completed a comprehensive audit process and was awarded the Travelife Partner recognition in the summer of 2023, encompassing both Menestys Travel and Elämys DMC. Travelife is a renowned sustainable tourism program aimed at elevating product and service chains and fostering sustainability throughout the industry. The audit meticulously examined various aspects, including the company’s internal operations, customer communication practices, and criteria for selecting partners and service providers, ensuring alignment with sustainable principles and practices.

The Travelife standard encompasses all facets of sustainable business travel, addressing environmental concerns while also focusing on the human rights of local communities in destination countries and the enforcement of labor laws. Recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the Travelife standard has a rich history, originating in 2004 and undergoing continuous development over the past two decades. Supported and overseen by the European Union, Travelife has evolved into a comprehensive framework for promoting sustainability within the tourism industry.

The Sustainable Travel Finland program, administered by Business Finland, equips tourism companies and destinations with a practical toolkit for implementing sustainable tourism practices. This toolkit simplifies the process of integrating sustainable choices into their day-to-day operations. Businesses and regions that participate in the program receive certification, ongoing support, and valuable insights to aid in the planning and implementation of sustainable tourism initiatives.

Elämys Group remains committed to its core values, actively advancing efforts to enhance the sustainability of domestic business travel. Utilizing Travelife’s interim audit every two years as a roadmap, we aim to continuously improve our practices. Our immediate objective is to achieve both the Sustainable Travel Finland certification and the Travelife Certified certification. These certifications will provide us with more comprehensive assessment criteria, enabling us to refine our operations and further elevate our sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability policy

Elämys Group’s sustainability efforts are overseen by Deputy CEO Aarni Kotilainen. Responsible for sustainable tourism certification is People Operations Manager Mari Suihko.