Four seasons, UNESCO-listed archipelago and almost 200,000 lakes, modern urban cities and wilderness of Lapland. Finland is the prime destination in Europe for unforgettable events for your employees, customers or other stakeholders. Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world for several times and we believe that the country’s smart cities and the vast, green nature areas are the key elements to the happiness.

Finland is the perfect location for first-class international conferences. Helsinki, the capital, is an international flight hub and a central link between Asia, Europe and North America. In addition, there are several other cities suitable for events and congresses. Finland boasts a variety of widely recognized conference venues that cater for all kinds of needs. Our expertise and experience in corporate events guarantee that even the most demanding congresses are executed flawlessly.

More than 70% of Finland is covered by the forests. This combined with thousands of lakes and the Baltic Sea surrounding the country, makes Finland the destination for unique incentives. The stunning nature provides great activity options for those looking for adrenaline-filled adventures, or for those searching for peace and quietness. The cities in Finland boast of design, architecture and vivid culture, but still give space for the guests to breathe.

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Helsinki, the charming capital of Finland, surrounded by the Baltic Sea, is the perfect destination to experience something new. Helsinki is the largest city in Finland, and has a population of around 650 000.

The city provides both, nature and urban life. There are plenty of great green areas in the city, beautiful archipelago of over 300 island, exciting museums & galleries, design shops, delightful cafés and great selection of restaurants and of course Saunas! Sauna is something you can´t miss while in Helsinki. There are multiple public saunas in Helsinki from traditional old-school saunas to new seaside sauna experiences.

Nearby regions of Helsinki quarantee even more activity possibilities. It is easy to combine Helsinki with amazing nature and wilderness destinations in a close distance. During your stay in Helsinki you can enjoy the urban city life and calming nature in a one day. One of the safest and cleanest cities in the world is also compact and easy to navigate. The city has a great public transportation system with metro, tram and different bus lines - and it is also easy to walk or bike everywhere.

Finland has over 188,000 lakes
and around 180,000 islands


The Lakeland area covers hundreds of kilometres of stunning landscapes formed by blue lakes and green forests. In Finland, we have more than 180,000 lakes and many of them are located in the area. The largest lake in Finland – Lake Saimaa – is also located in the Lakeland area.

Experience the traditional Finnish sauna, forest yoga or some water activities while staying in a cozy cottage or luxurious villa with a view to the lake. Let the Lakeland take your stress away. Lake Saimaa region has its own rare local resident, the Saimaa ringed seal. It is found only in Saimaa and the current population is just around 400 individuals. If you are lucky, you might encounter the cute ringed seal while visiting Saimaa region.


Finland has more than 80.000 islands on the Baltic Sea and thousands of kilometres of maritime coastline. We do have the world’s largest and the most beautiful archipelago. Out of the seven Unesco World Heritage sites in Finland, three can be experienced in the coastal area.

The coastal town Turku – the former capital of Finland enchants the visitors all year round, but is especially charming during the summer months. Turku is a compact size, perfect for exploring the exciting mixture of old and new. Several fascinating and interesting places to visit - Turku offers culture, history, art and fun attractions.

The coastal area of Finland covers many old towns and spreads up to the Northern Finland hub city Oulu. If you wish to see historical manors, experience old lighthouses as well national parks, coast and archipelago is your destination to visit.


According to us Finns, Tampere is the most loved residential and tourism city in Finland. It is a way of life that takes you along. The secret of Tampere is its originality. Tampere is a functional entity in a compact size. Tampere is defined by a few unique characteristics: it is surrounded by beautiful lakes and eskers, it has a perfect scale for walking and there’s always something new and innovative going on. The centre of the city is dominated by industrial heritage; the national landscape of Tammerkoski rapids and historical red brick buildings. ​

From the cultural point of view, Tampere is defined by local treats of black sausage with lingonberry sauce and the world’s best doughnuts, morning coffee at Laukontori Market Square enjoyed in a small lake breeze, our imaginative museums, events after events, vibrant cool laziness and the fact that it is the Sauna Capital of the World.


Eastern Finland is a versatile and memorable area for travelers. In the market square of Kuopio, in Finnish language called "the center of the universe", is a must to try the nationwide famous Kalakukko, a fish baked inside a loaf of bread. In the east you can find amazing sandy beaches and memorable experiences surrounded by astonishing landscapes. ​

Koli in the North Karelia region is about amazing national landscapes and the wilderness area of Kainuu hiding spots brings you to the world of bears, wolfs and wolverines. The gorgeous landscape of Eastern Finland surely makes you want to hike around or make a canoe trip. Eastern Finland and North Karelia is a great mix of nature and beautiful scenery but also the perfect destination for culture and food enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the real Karelian traditions.