The Baltic States also known as the Baltics, the Baltic countries and Baltic republics contains three countries of the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic countries are a great and cheap destination in Europe.

All three countries are quite small and compact, but there are plenty of sights to see and things to experience in all of them. Food culture is incredibly diverse and it draws remarkable influences from its neighbouring countries; Russia, Poland and the Nordics. However all three countries have completely distinct cultures to discover; traditions, languages and architecture.


Tallinn, the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe, gives a chance to walk through the narrow Gothic dwellings, cozy cobblestone streets and fortress walls. Along with many historical sights and unforgettable panoramas of the lower town and sea from two observation platforms, Tallinn mixes the conveniences of the modern world and a diverse nightlife.

There are many streets in Tallinn, over 1600 streets. Some could be characterized as authentic medieval, educational and cultural while others are pretty, haunted and mysterious. Tallinn also has many parks and districts worth visiting. For instance, Pirita and Noblessner are common places where locals enjoy good company and admire sunsets in a relaxing setting.

Also, there are many different and distinctive eateries across Estonia that offer characteristic ingredients of the area and dishes inherent to national cuisine, which have been modernised in an exciting manner.

Pärnu is the perfect spa holiday destination


The fourth largest city in Estonia, Pärnu is located just 128 km west from the capital city of Estonia. Being a home to dozens of beautiful beaches and wellness and medical spas, the city is filled with numerous relaxation opportunities. Although Pärnu is more characterized as a peaceful holiday city, it also caters to various energizing activities, especially during summer time when the city is bustling from tourists.

The beaches are long, white and sandy, the waters are shallow and the sun is claimed to be “the best Sun in Estonia”. Beaches are surrounded by beautiful promenades, which are perfect for walking, cycling, and roller skating. Pärnu is the perfect spa holiday destination and it has unique spa hotels offering great SPA treatments as well as other entertainment alternatives such as bowling, water parks, mini-golf, etc.

Pärnu's lengthy history as a tourist destination guarantees that there is plenty of accommodation choices. A hotel, motel, rental home, holiday village, or camping are all available in Pärnu.


Between Estonia and Lithuania, on the banks of the Daugava River and in the shores of the Baltic Sea lies the capital of Latvia, Riga. With its one million inhabitants Riga is the biggest city in the Baltics. The city is a great mixture of Soviet monuments, modern architecture and medieval buildings.

The old town of Riga was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 and is a must visit place for tourists. Beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and winding medieval streets will take you back in time. And don´t worry, if you get lost in the city there are multiple great restaurants and bars with open terraces where you can stop by and enjoy the day. Riga is a charming city and a great destination year around.


Vilnius, the picturesque capital of Lithuania, is located in between the Northern, Eastern and Central Europe. It is the largest city of Lithuania and second largest in the Baltics. It is well known for its fascinating history and culture and also for its attractive Old Town.

The Old Town of Vilnius is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site with its meandering cobblestone streets and historical buildings. Exceptionally diverse architecture of the city will enchant every visitor. In addition to the Baroque, Renaissance, Neoclassical and Gothic buildings have been well preserved there along with Soviet architecture.

Vilnius is also filled with art and culture scenes as well as many events during the year. It won´t get boring in Vilnius as there is always something going on.