Top three summer cities to visit in Finland 2023

Finnish summer is something truly special, there are various things you can do in Finland from June through August, or even in May. Long summer days and nightless nights are a unique and memorable experience. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy beautiful Finnish nature whether you are visiting the Southern or Northern parts of Finland, or somewhere between. We have listed three perfect incentive destinations in Southern- and Southwest of Finland for you to experience during the summer. Of course, these are great destinations any time of the year as well, but during the summer these cities are really something and they are also easy to reach!

Riverside warehouses in Old Porvoo – Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland

Three Summer cities in Finland

During the summer many Finnish towns come to life from May through August. There are multiple activity options to do in many cities and their surroundings. Festivals, cruises, parks, nature destinations close to the cities, kayaking, biking, RIB-boating, you name it. Options are limitless!

Helsinki Esplanade Park – Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland

Helsinki – Finland´s capital

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and it offers numerous things to do throughout the year but especially during the summer. It is recommended to spend at least 2-3 nights in Helsinki. This will allow you enough time to see Helsinki itself and its surroundings. The top thing to do in Helsinki during the summer is Island hopping or a cruise around the archipelago. There are many islands around Helsinki and just a short ferry ride from Market Square, like the fortress island Suomenlinna, Vallisaari, Isosaari and the tiny island Lonna.

Various beautiful parks in the city area, many museums and cultural attractions will also guarantee that there is always something to do. Not to mention all the lovely terraces and restaurants around the city. Good food and drinks are guaranteed!

If you wish to add some nature destinations to your Helsinki visit you can head to Nuuksio National Park for a day trip, and relax and enjoy the silence around you. Or maybe do a berry picking tour and enjoy some Finnish superfood?

Helsinki Vallisaari – Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland
Lonna – Jussi Hellsten / Visit Finland
Helsinki – Jussi Hellsten / Visit Finland

Porvoo – Old Wooden Town by the Sea

Porvoo is located only 50 km east from Helsinki and it is best known for its old wooden town. There are many charming boutiques, cafes and restaurants in the area. Old colorful wooden houses with beautiful gardens, cobblestone streets and red riverside warehouses make you feel like you step back in time.

During the summer the city is full of different kinds of events; festivals, concerts, culture and art exhibitions. Or maybe you could take a guided tour around the town and learn more about its history? And don´t forget to visit Porvoo´s famous chocolate shop and buy some treats as a souvenir.

There are also some great accommodation options from idyllic B&Bs and boutique hotels to beautiful manors nearby. Maybe stay in Porvoo one night? Of course, a day trip from Helsinki is also possible.

Porvoo Old Wooden Town – Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland
Haikko Manor – Juho Kuva / Visit Finland

Turku – Finland´s oldest city and first capital right by the River Aura

Turku is Finland´s oldest city, but also its first capital. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland. There is a saying “It is always sunny in Turku!” and during the summer that is quite true! Turku is very famous for the riverbanks where people gather to eat, drink and enjoy the sunny summer days. There are many restaurant boats where you can sip a cold drink and relax.

As Turku is also a coastal town there are daily cruises to the archipelago or nearby town Naantali. Multiple events and festivals are also organized in the summer months.  

Of course, as Turku is Finland´s oldest town it offers some historical attractions as well. Turku Castle, Turku Cathedral and Market Hall are worth a visit.

Couple nights in Turku, or more if you wish to visit nearby islands.

Riverside warehouses in Old Porvoo
Turku Castle – Visit Turku / Visit Finland
Beautiful Turku Riverside – Visit Turku / Visit Finland

If you have any questions about these destinations, we are more than happy to help. Contact us and let´s plan your next year 2023 summer incentive to Finland! And if you are looking a venue for any kind of event, conference, meeting or congress we will always find a suitable place for you.

Have a great August!

-Elämys DMC team