Finnish design and delicious food played the main role in a German group's incentive to Helsinki [45 pax]

German group got introduced to Helsinki over a weekend with Elämys

Group German group wanted to get to know Helsinki. Participants flew to Helsinki for a weekend after a three-day trip in Lapland. Elämys Group was in charge of the program in Helsinki.

Once the group landed in Helsinki, they were taken directly to dinner at the restaurant Kappeli. The rest of the day was program free and the night was spent at Hotel Haven.

The actual program at Helsinki started on Saturday afternoon, when the group took an hour-long private tram ride around Helsinki downtown. The tour guide attended the ride and explained the most interesting facts about Helsinki to the group. After the tram ride, the group embarked on a design tour at the Helsinki design district. The tour featured visits to Finnish design stores and boutiques. After the tour, the group headed for lunch at restaurant Salutorget which was followed by free time and dinner at restaurant Sipuli.

Photos by Omar El Mrabt/Helsinki Marketing, Jussi Hellsten/Helsinki Marketing

Getting to know Suomenlinna

The last day of the trip started with a trip to Suomenlinna. The group had an instructed tour around the island, during which they got to know the interesting history of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

When the group reached the mainland, they headed for a hotel and from there to the airport. The almost-week-lasting trip to Finland was over.

Photos by Susanna Kekkonen/Suomenlinna Governing Body, Aino Heininen/Suomenlinna Governing Body, Jussi Hellsten/Visit Finland

Detailed planning

German group spent two days in Helsinki, during which they wanted to get to know the city, eat well, and experience something unique. Elämys Group made a detailed plan, that was thoroughly adjusted with the Germans representing the group.

Two German people in charge of the trip flew to Finland three months before the trip. They got to know the hotel reserved for the group and tasted & photographed all the restaurant meals planned for the group.

” We were dealing with a typical trip to Helsinki by a foreign group. When the customers are particularly detail-oriented, it drives us to work even harder to deliver the best possible customer experience. Sure, it was a challenge to make everything happen according to plan.” Producer of the Event Karoliina Ala-Opas says.

Photos by Kimmo Brandt/Visit Finland, Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland, Yiping Feng and Ling Ouyang/Helsinki Marketing

Everything went spot on and the group headed home satisfied. The group complimented both the versatile activities of the weekend, and the delicious food.

”They really liked Helsinki”, Ala-Opas concludes.

Photos by Elina Sirparanta/Visit Finland, Aku Pöllänen/Visit Finland