Scandinavia is located in northern Europe and it consist of the two countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula; Norway and Sweden, with the addition of Denmark. Scandinavia is one of the most picturesque places in the world. It´s beautiful nature and wilderness combined with charming cities and friendly people makes it a great destination to visit.


Stockholm is said to be one of the most welcoming cities in the world. It is the largest city in both Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. The population of Stockholm Municipality is almost 1 million. The city is a mixture of old and new, and it is stylish, modern and ever-evolving. There is always something new popping up in Stockholm.

Stockholm offers a wide range of different cultural activities everything from concerts, exhibitions, galleries to plays and musicals. The city is also a perfect foodie destination as there are various great restaurants and latest culinary trends can be found in Stockholm.

Stockholm is literally built on 14 islands. The city is divided into several districts or neigbourhoods and each one of them have their own unique vibes and character. It is still relatively compact and easy to get around on foot or public transport. Most of the islands are connected by bridges, 57 in a fact, and ferries and metro system links the rest. Most visitors tend to add Gamla Stan – The Old Town to their must-see sights list, it is definately worth visiting, but it is also worth to explore some of the other districts too.

Oslo is full of green activity options to choose from


Oslo is the capital and the largest city in Norway. It is one of the greenest capitals in Europe and was awarded the valued title European Green Capital 2019. More than half of the municipality of Oslo is covered by green park areas and forests, and the fjord streches all the way to the city centre. Oslo is full of green activity options to choose from, wheather you wish to kayak, walk in the nature, swim or relax in green parks.

There are also various museums, exhibitions, art galleries and theathers in the city. Not to forget to mention variety of live music events and festivals happening year around. There is always something going on in Oslo.

And in addition to all this Oslo is easy to navigate and it is safe. It is one of the best cities to enjoy the city life and nature activities.


Sweden´s northernmost and Arctic region, Swedish Lapland offers an exciting travel destination to the northern wilderness. Swedish Lapland is beautiful nature and landscapes, roaring rivers, snow-covered fells, authentic Sami culture and endless options for outdoor activities.

Swedish Lapland is said to be one of the best places to spot magical northern lights, because of surrounding mountains and the distance of the big cities. During the summer the dark nights of winter turn into endless days as the sun just never sets and you are able to experience the midnight sun.


Tromso, also called The capital of the Arctic, is located right by the Arctic Ocean. It is surrounded by enchanting alpine mountain peaks, fjords and islands. It is one of the largest towns north of the Arctic Circle. The population of Tromso is around 50 000. Tromso is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. Hundreds of summits around the town offer great hiking routes with magnificent sceneries for every level. If you are not into hiking hop on a whale watching cruise and see the majestic humpback and killer whales in their natural habitat. This will be an experience to remember!

However, Tromso is not all about the nature. It is a vibrant town with great possibilities to enjoy the cultural activities. It is also well-known from the Sami culture, the only indigenous people of Europe.