Winter Activities in Lapland – Our Top 6

Lapland, Northern Finland, Finnish Arctic, the northern part of Finland has many names. Lapland is located just above the Arctic Circle and it is almost one-third of the total area of Finland. It is year around destination, but if you want to experience the real magic of Lapland you should visit during the winter months. In this blog post we have chosen Our Top 6 winter activities in Lapland. Pick your favorite or do them all!

1. The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a spectacular natural phenomenom that can usually be seen close to the Arctic Circle. One of the best places to spot the magical northern lights is in Finnish Lapland. The peak season of northern lights is from early autumn until spring(September – March/April).

There are also many legends and myths about the northern lights, but our favourite one is the story of the Firefox. In finnish language the word Northern Lights translates to ”Fox fires” (Revontulet). The firefox is a mythical creature of the North, living far away in the woods. In Lapland it has been told that the Firefox causes the Northern Lights with its furry tail which flings sparks when it touches bushes and brances while the fox is running.

Picture: Jani Kärppä, Flatlight Films / Visit Finland

2. Husky Safari

Definately one of our favourite activities in Finnish Lapland! Meet the fluffy and friendly huskies and enjoy the real Finnish wilderness in Lapland. Husky sledding is exciting and fun activity, suitable for the whole family. The howl of excitment of the huskies before you get taken off is unbeliavable! After that you can only hear the sound of the sledge on the snow and panting dogs. Enjoy the beauty of Lappish wilderness, snowy scenery and the thrilling speed.

There are different length of tours from shorter sledge rides to even over night tours. Or if you don´t feel like going for a sledge ride you can also just visit in a Husky Farm.

Picture: Mikko Ryhänen / Visit Finland

3. Visit the Santa Claus Village

This is something you should not miss while in Lapland. Everyone knows the one and only Santa lives in Finland, on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. You can visit the Santa Claus Village all year around and meet Santa in person. Santa Claus Village is also a popular place to cross the Arctic Circle as it runs right through Santa´s Village and it is marked with a clear line. There are also other multiple activity options like meet Santa´s reindeer or go for a husky or snowmobile safari.

Picture: Visit Rovaniemi / Visit Finland

4. Ice Floating

Let your body and mind rest while floating in the open 0-degree water. Of course with a thick rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. Guided floating is a safe, fun and relaxing experience which everyone should try while in Finnish Lapland. If the weather is clear, you can see the beautiful starry sky of the Northern Hemisphere and if the Firefox is around might even get to admire the magical Northern Lights.

Picture: Safartica / Visit Rovaniemi

5. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is the perfect way to enjoy the snowy scenery and the beauty of Lapland. It is an easy winter activity and a fantastic way to enjoy the quitness of the Finland´s nature. Breath the cleanest air and admire magical trees covered in the snow. With snowshoes you are able to reach some of the most spectacular and untouched spots which are not reachable any the other way. There are plenty of diffrent kind of tours to choose from. You can also do excursion during the dark hours, giving you a great chance to see the Northern Lights, if you are lucky.

Picture: Jani Seppänen / Visit Finland

6. Sauna & Ice Swimming

Ok, this is for the brave ones! At least the ice swimming part. If floating in the open 0-degree water with a thick rescue suit on sounded exciting this activity is on the next level. Yes, you read right; ice swimming. This traditional Finnish outdoor activity has become more popular in recent years. The best way to experience ice swimming is to combine it with sauna. Dip in the icy lake, remember to breath, and try to stay calm and relax. Warm up in sauna and do it again! This puts your blood circulating and releases many pleasure hormones and afterwards you get that cold water glow. Be aware you might get hooked!

Picture: Juho Kuva / Visit Finland

We hope these tips are useful and that you will have a magical time when visiting in Lapland!

– Elämys DMC team