Incentive trip to Levi, Lapland – 50 pax group from the Netherlands enjoyed the real Lappish experiences

In mid-January, we had the pleasure to take 50 pax group from the Netherlands to Finnish Lapland to experience some of the most memorable Lappish experiences.

A company from the Netherlands wanted to offer an incentive for its staff to Finnish Lapland. They wanted to experience the most of it and that is what we did with them! The week was filled with multiple activities from e-bike tour to snowmobiling in the beautiful Lappish scenery and from husky sledding to arctic survival skills, and many more!

Accommodation and dinner setups

The duration of their trip was five days, for the part of the group from Tuesday to Sunday and the other part from Wednesday to Sunday. The guests stayed in Panorama Hotel which is located on the front slopes of Levi. As the hotel is located right on the slopes there are magical views to admire during the clear days.

Due to covid restrictions, restaurants and bars were closed as early as 6 pm, so we ended up organizing catering dinners in rental cottages for the group to spend their evenings. They were very happy about that option and everything went as planned! So even with these restrictions, we had a solution how our lovely guests could have the most out of it. Most of the nights were spent in Sammun Tupa(Eemelin Pirtti building)which is one of the oldest cross-country skiing cafes and event service providers in the Levi area. Sammun Tupa is also famous for its reindeer farm and activities. Our guests enjoyed reindeer sledding as well.

Magical views from Panorama Hotel
Pic: Visit Levi / Visit Finland


Five days in Levi included multiple activities; e-bike tour, aurora floating, snowmobiling, visit Lainio Snow Village(including dinner), visit in husky farm and husky sledding, arctic survival skills activity, feeding a reindeer and reindeer sledding, and ice karting. Our guests were also lucky and they saw the Northern lights one night in Sammun Tupa! Some of them also went skiing on their own and some wanted to do snowmobiling again. So the week was full of activities and happy guests with the most memorable experiences from Lapland. And that makes us so happy too!

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– Elämys DMC team